KotOR - The Coming Storm

A Game of Chance

Session 4

While they wait, Vakim gets a call on his holocom. He answers and it is Jedi Grandmaster Vandar Tokare. The Jedi Master had only disappointment in his voice. He asked Vakim how he could have murdered the senator and his family and no amount of attempts to explain the situation made any bit of a difference. Vandar asks that Vakim turn himself into Republic authorities. The Jedi High Council would do everything in their power to have the republic go easy on him and his friends. When Vakim tells the grandmaster to speak w/ Master Zalis, Vandar informs him that he already tried contacting her, but has been unsuccessful. She hasn't been heard from in a few hours. Then, Vakim states that he will clear his own name and to everyone's surprise, he cuts the comlink connection to his master.

The Eagle Squad members' comlinks crackle to life and in the background, they can hear a man, "Sergeants, this is Spark. We've all been betrayed." The sounds of blaster fire can be heard in the background. "It's an inside job. It has to be. Someone from the Republic is framing Eagle Squad for these crimes. I don't know what's going on. I tried to get a hold of Ghost and the commander, but no response. I can't help but think they're dead. And now there's a damn bounty on my head and Dark Hellions on my ass. I wouldn't be surprised if one gets dropped on you guys soon. Don't trust anyone. I'm going to try to make my way off this rock somehow. You guys should probably do the same." The transmission ends.

Ander, the resident outlaw expert, tells the rest of the heroes that he still has a few contacts here in the Dark Hellion Territory who would still be willing to help them. He leaves the apartment stating that he wants to see if he can gather some information that could help the investigation.

Moments later, the heroes hear an announcement from the local authorities, broadcasting on public address systems throughout the area: “Attention! Attention! This zone is now under a state of high alert. Suspects wanted for the murder of Senator Zara Kayl have infiltrated the area. Security troops are now conducting a search to locate and neutralize these individuals. Be prepared to present your identification and report any suspicious individuals immediately.”

Jido then takes out his datapad and starts slicing into it to see if he can track the location of where the supposed email from Ghost originated. Around 10 minutes later, while they wait for Jido to do his thing, a CSF patrol comes by making a door-to-door search. KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK. The heroes tried their best to stay quiet, but Lophen tripped and alerted the officers outside of their presence. The officers were about to try to break down the door when Vakim decided to open it and try to talk his way out of an encounter.

The officer closest to the door pushed past Vakim and entered the room. Lophen decided to not wait to be captured and swung and hit the officer. A fight breaks out and Lophen knocks the first officer out. However, when Vakim tried persuading the second officer through the use of the force, and fails, the officers decided to use lethal means to take out the heroes. This left Lophen no choice but to do the same. With the death of the second officer, Jido got the information he needed from the datapad and the heroes decide to book it. They run out of the apartment, into the city streets.

After the heroes leave the apartment building, they can hear the sound of sirens and marching feet, though they can’t see any security troops just yet. Any common citizens around the heroes look around in confusion and concern. They glance furtively at the heroes, then hurry to get off the streets. The public announcement has pretty much cleared the streets of civilians. There are still people on the street, but they are not behaving in a leisurely fashion. They keep their heads down, walk hurriedly, and cast sidelong glances at the heroes. The overall emotion is fear. The locals might not be who the authorities are looking for, but nobody wants to be imprisoned or killed because of a case of mistaken identity.

The only places where there are a lot of people are at major intersections, where everyone is forced to show their identification to pass. And there are two of these between the heroes and their destination. At each, two members of the security patrol stand guard while the patrol leader checks identifications. Any remaining members of the patrol walk up and down the lines, looking for anyone behaving suspiciously (trying to hide weapons, for example). These patrols also keep a lookout for concealed weapons. After the heroes initially spotted the checkpoint, they try to find a way around it, hiding in a nearby building. But due to Lophen's allergies, they were found out and needed to talk their way out of the encounter.

As the heroes get within sight of their destination, they encounter another checkpoint, but this one is set up across the only entrance to their destination. Jido slices into a nearby protocol droid and cause it to malfunction, sending it running down the street. The heroes use this distraction to get a patrolling officer to go after the rogue droid. The location of the coordinates. It led to the local sabaac parlour, the Umbra Spyder. Once they manage to get to parlour, they're essentially safe.

Many locations throughout Coruscant offer games of chance and gambling, but the Spyder has earned a reputation among the gamblers of the city as a place for large payouts and larger sources of information. Many high rollers frequent the sabacc tables to make their fortunes—and more often lose them. The sights and sounds of the Spyder are similar to those of many sabacc parlors, with a central pit of card tables surrounded by various electronic games. The establishment is crowded and noisy; the cheers that accompany winning hands and lucky rolls ring out across the room. A quick scan of the room shows that the heroes must rely on the various patrons and employees for information.

Korsin Fenn, a male Bothan, runs the Spyder. He can be found here most nights, overseeing the operation and resolving any disputes. He is a reserved individual, but he warms quickly to anyone who proves trustworthy. When the heroes question him, Fenn is very reluctant to divulge any information regarding the slicer they're looking for, however, he does let them know that he goes by the name Rogue and that he's essentially an unwilling pawn in the situation he's found himself it.

After some more convincing, Fenn also reveals that Rogue's debts have increased greatly due to a bout of bad luck two months ago at the sabacc tables. He now owes the Spyder close to 20,000 credits, and he has become desperate to find new sources of income to alleviate this debt. Fenn took Rogue in as a dishwasher to help pay off his debts. It was obvious to Fenn that the kid simply needed the right guidance to live a clean life. However, that backfired due to his interactions with the Dark Hellions at the parlor. Once the Hellions found out about his skills as a slicer, they hired him on to do a job for them. However, Fenn is unaware of the circumstances that occurred afterwards, but Rogue ended up on the run from the Hellions and they're trying to hunt him down.

When asked about who hired Rogue, Fenn tells the group to follow him upstairs to the private room. He points out a group of Dark Hellion members, including an influential underboss, playing sabacc there. Fenn then makes a proposition to the heroes. If they're willing to rid the Spyder of all Dark Hellion presense, he would pay them 1500 credits. He is sick of the Hellions keeping a portion of the house's winnings. The heroes agree and ask to be dealt into the private game with the underboss. Vakim takes the last spot at the table. Attempts to strike up conversation during the game are rebuffed by all players at the table. Their focus is on the game; the players do not have time for pleasantries and discussion.

After a few hands, the underboss makes motions to leave the table. At this point, the heroes mention Rogue and try to convince the Dark Hellion underboss that they want to help him find the slicer. Unfortunately, Vakim's attempt at persuasion using the force was not very successful and the underboss realizes that the heroes are the fugitives who allegedly killed the senator's family. This leads to a direct confrontation between his group and the heroes. Once the fight is over, the heroes loot the bodies including the credit chip that holds the money from the previous game.

Next, the heroes step outside the private room and waiting for them are three more swoop gang members stirred by all the commotion from inside the private room. Since it wasn't the gang members who walked out, they open fire. The heroes make short work of them and the Umbra Spyder is officially Hellion free. Fenn lives up to his word and pays the heroes 1500 credits. During the fight, Vakim was seriously hurt and needed to rest up.

The others went to a nearby fence and sold all the loot from the previous encounter. The streets were no longer being patroled by the CSF. They received a tip from an anonymous source stating that the heroes were seen in a different level of the Underworld. The heroes had no difficulty getting to the fence. When they returned, the heroes ask Fenn if they could stay in the back room and Fenn agrees. The heroes crash for the night.


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