KotOR - The Coming Storm

Residence of Evil

Session 3

The next morning, the heroes wake up at the infirmary at the military base and heal up for the day. All of a sudden, they get a ping on their datapad. A message from Ghost sits there waiting to be read. She states that she had finally conducted the interrogation of Jorek and that he divulged the identity of his employer. It is Zara Kayl, a senator in Coruscant who has been very vocal as of late about working with the various factions within the city to bring order back to the city. The message also tells them that Ghost and Spark are outside the senator's residence about to conduct a raid. She requests that the heroes come and provide backup support.

Shortly after, the heroes head over to the Senator's residence. When they arrive, the rest of Eagle Squad is nowhere to be seen. They go inside the building and ask the concierge about the Senator and whether or not other republic troopers had come by. The man tells them he hasn't seen anything. The heroes then somehow convince him to check the security feed to see if there was any kind of sign of anything out of the ordinary going down. Nothing. Finally they convince the man to let them into the private elevator that takes them directly to the penthouse, the senator's residence.

Upon entering the residence, they spot a man in a security uniform dragging another security officer. When he sees the heroes enter the premises, a fight breaks out. The heroes take care of the two security officers and clear out the rest of the first floor of the residence. However, due to spending an excessive amount of time looking around the place, the remaining security guards come downstairs and fight the heroes. Though Jido was knocked unconscious, the heroes survived the encounter and loot the bodies. Finding a bunch of medpacs and a keycard. Using the key card they opened the final door in the first flood and turns out it’s a garage. There a speeder present.

The heroes then make their way upstairs. They tread carefully through the upstairs rooms and find a hallway with a couple of doors. When they open the first, they see a pile of bodies, all security guards, stacked up in what appears to be a storage closet. One of the other doors in the hallway leads to a bedroom, where everything seems in order. The last door in the hallway led to the master bedroom. Unlike the rest of the house, this room was a mess. Blood all over the floor and walls. In the corner of the room, there's a chair with a dead woman, tied onto it. She looks to have been tortured and killed with a lightsaber.

A little unnerved by what they saw, the heroes continue to search the rooms of the house a little more closely. When analyzing the dead bodies in the storage room, Vakim notices a very faint line of blood, perhaps drag lines of the body? He follows the blood and it leads to the second bedroom's bathroom. Inside, is a pool of blood at the center of the room and sprayed blood on the shower curtain. Vakim pulls the curtain aside and in the tub, he sees a teenage girl, dead in a pool of her own blood, shot through the chest with a blaster pistol. Disgusted by what he saw, he goes to the bedroom, grabs a blanket and wraps the girl in it and takes her body over to the bed. He says a few words over her body and proceeds to do the same for the woman on the chair.

While Ander was investigating he notices a light come from one wall of the master bedroom and looks around for some kind of opening mechanism for what he assumes is a secret door. He spends a good amount of time looking for it and he happens upon a false book trigger. The door slides open and inside they find a study with bloody footprints leading to a bureau in the middle of the room. Leaning over the desk is the body of a dead man, who appears to be the senator. After checking his pulse, the heroes all look at the screen that the senator was looking at before his death and it was opened on his email. Ander checks the sent messages and to all their surprise, a message is sent to Lt. Caltos implicating the heroes for the shipment theft and the death of Balssik. Furthermore, the message states that the senator is afraidfor his life and that the heroes are responsible for his wife and daughter's death.

The heroes are left with no choice but to escape. They choose to take the speeder they saw in the garage as their getaway vehicle. However, when they get into the speeder, the garage door swings open and Caltos approaches, with a look of both disappointment and anger. He asks that the heroes surrender, but due to the overwhelming evidence, the heroes decide it would be in their best interest to try to escape and prove their innocence on their own. When Jido turns on the speeder, the police droids with Caltos fire at the speeder. Caltos tries to make them stop, but to no avail. The heroes then back out of the garage and hit the streets. Caltos is seen using his comlink, presumably calling in pursuit vehicles.

A speeder chase enters the heavily populated, skyscraper-packed areas of the city. A couple of police patrol droids on airspeeders give chase. Jido expertly pilots the speeder through the busy street, Ander fires shots at the police speeders while uncannily predicting their upcoming manouvers, all the while hoping none of his stray shots hit civilians, and Vakim kept an eye out for escape routes like open air vent tunnels, sewers, alleyways between buildings, and other potential paths of escape.

After a few minutes, the chase comes to an end when the heroes are able to out-maneuver the police droids when they arrive at the Underworld portal. They go down the portal toward the underworld, going multiple levels down and when Jido sees an empty docking pad, he lands/crashes the speeder onto it. The group hake haste in leaving the speeder behind. They then head over to what appears to be an abandoned apartment building nearby and finds a dilapidated apartment to lie low and try to make sense of the whole situation.


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