KotOR - The Coming Storm

Rogue's Respite

Session 5

The next morning, the heroes wake up to a knock on their door. They open the door and they see Korsin. He starts off apologizing for the fact that he had not been truthful to the heroes. He reveals that he does know where Rogue has been hiding out and that he wasn't sure he could trust the heroes. After seeing them deal with the Dark Hellions, he believes he can trust them and marks Rogue's location on their map. He can be found at a durasteel processing plant a few levels down in the underworld.

The heroes then get a call on their comlink. "Well, had I known you guys would become famous, I would have bought you a drink when we talked last." They recognize the voice as being Shadow, the information broker who helped them a few days back. He mentions that he wants to bank on the favor the group owes him and asks that Ander and one other head over to a cantina in the lower levels. Ander and Lophen decide to head over to the cantina, while Vakim and Jido decide to try to locate Rogue.

The Jedi and scout take one of their recently acquired speeders over to the location of the durasteel factory and upon reaching there, they notice that the place appears abandoned. Knocking on the door didn't do much, but turns out the door was unlocked. They go in and behind the reception desk is a sole droid. The droid notices them and states that the factory is closed presently and that they would need to come back at regular business hours. However, the time was in the middle of the day and would technically be business hours. However, the droid seems to be stuck in a perpetual loop. Simply repeating what he had stated earlier.

The heroes decide to ignore the droid and simply go toward the only other door in the room that they could access. Right then, the droid turns hostile and starts attacking. Moments later, another couple of the same type of droids burst through the other door and also start firing. The heroes scramble outside back onto the platform and hold their ground, attacking the clearly malfunctioning security droids. After a brief fight, the two of them were victorious and healed up before venturing forth.

Behind that door is an office room. The desks and shelves seem unremarkable and the two heroes head over to the two double doors in the center. Locked. In the far end of the room is a security room. They head over and find a couple of buttons. One to unlock the double doors and another to open it. They trigger them and head out the doors. They find themselves on a catwalk above the main durasteel processing plant part of the factory. The machines were quiet and it was clear that the factory had not been functioning for years now. When they step a few feet forward, the voices of droids can be heard in the distance, followed by blaster pistol shots.

Three hovering patrol droids approach from three different corners of the large room, firing at whichever of the two heroes were closest. Though the large room left the Jedi a little handicapped, the two of them used a good amount of tactics (door locking and opening buttons) to get an advantage on their assailants. After a long fight, they found themselves victorious over the droids. It was time to heal up and move on.

At the end of the large hall was a door. The heroes approached and opened the door. Inside they saw a room with a lower level, where spare parts and various assortment of tools for the factory was being held. They also saw a young boy, presumably Rogue, crouched on the floor working on his computer. When the door opens, the boy looks up, freaks out and types away at his computer. Moments later, the powered down droids in the corner of the room come to life and attack the heroes.

The droids themselves were more of a distraction than anything else. They kept our heroes busy while the boy dashed past them into the hallway. The heroes tried to let him know that they were sent by Korsin, but the boy was not hearing any of it. He was just too focused on getting out of there. After the heroes made short work of the doids, they chased the boy, tripping him in the process, having him fall to the floor below. The heroes themselves too fell down, hurting themselves. After a chase that can only be described as something from a slapstick comedy movie, the heroes were finally able to subdue the boy and show him the slip of paper that Korsin gave them.

With Rogue bound, they took him back with them to the Umbra Spyder, where they intended to interrogate him. Along the way, they met up with Lophen and Ander, who had an interesting encounter themselves. They exchanged stories as they walked on toward the Spyder.


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