KotOR - The Coming Storm

Investigate the spaceport

Session 1

Jido Keen & Lophen Baptiste (Intro):

You find yourself outside the briefing room in the Republic Senate Tower in the Galactic Core planet of Coruscant. When you walk into the room a middle-aged soldier mid-conversation with the rest of the people in the room acknowledges you two and says:

Garrick: "Right on time Sergeants. I'm Commander Nolan Garrick. Eagle Squad's commanding officer. We're all excited to have some new blood in the unit. Let me introduce you to the other members of Eagle Squad.

Garrick: "My second in command, Captain Rayla Fenn is the squad's infiltration and assassination specialist. We call her "Ghost".

Ghost: "Sergeant."

Garrick: "And this is Spark – Lt. Jon Cole. He's an expert with every kind of explosive in the known galaxy."

Spark: "Good to meet you."

Garrick: "People, these are the new sergeants I mentioned. Sergeant Baptiste, ranked first in the academy in forward assault, search & destroy and advanced recon. And Sergeant Keen, is actually joining us from the Starfighter Academy, also ranked first amongst the other cadets. Good to have you both here. We're all looking forward to seeing you boys in action."

Garrick: "Now, the reason we're all here: A few hours ago, a republic transport, carrying among its cargo a few pallets worth of Republic Military heavy weapons, was high jacked upon landing at the spaceport. The assumption is that local gang members were behind the theft. Recovering those weapons is priority one."

Garrick: "Keen, Baptiste, I'd like the two of you to start your investigation at the port. Find out whatever information you can and return to base immediately, understood?"

Coruscant Senate Plaza:

Vakim Rowan (Intro):

You find yourself aboard an airspeeder bound for the Senate Plaza. On board is Jedi Master Rashtish Zalis and you, her Padawan, Vakim Rowan. Master Zalis addresses you:

Zalis: "Excited? This is your first off-world trip isn't it?"

Zalis: "I remember my first off-world trip. It's been almost three decades since. I was much younger than your though. Unfortunately, we didn't have the luxury of taking our time with training back then, with the war with the Sith going on and all. Here's to hoping this war doesn't escalate to that level anytime soon."

Zalis: "Anyway, let me brief you on what's going on. The CSF has requested the aid of the Jedi Order to deal with a transport high jacking occurred earlier today. I volunteered to send you out to do this. Think of it as part of your Padawan trials.

Zalis: "I would come, too but the Jedi High Council has requested all the Masters to come in for a meeting. Apparently we're going to decide on whether we are to enter the Republic's war against the Mandalorians."

Zalis: "Once we arrive, you should make your way to the Spaceport Docking Bay 78. The CSF officers have pinned down a few of the thugs responsible for the high-jacking. I need you to go lend a hand with the infiltration."

Right then, the speeder pilot interrupts her stating: "Master Jedi, we're approaching the landing pad."

The sergeants of Eagle Squad make their way out of the Senate Tower and head south toward the Spaceport. Along the way, they see peddlers selling wares in the Senate Commercial District.

When they arrive at the spaceport, they hear a lot of commotion coming from one of the docking bays. When they approach, they see Coruscant Security Force (CSF) officers crouched behind barricades dodging blaster fire coming from within the docking bay. On the wall above the CSF officers reads "Docking Bay 78". One of the officers yells out to the sergeants to be careful and to get away from there and that it isn't safe for civilians. He clearly isn't paying attention to what they are wearing.

They approach the CSF officers, and right then, one of the officers gets shot in the shoulder. Vakim rushes to him and treats his injury. After a brief discussion w/ the officer in charge, the heroes decide to storm into the docking bay.

The heroes fight their way through a handful of Brutes in the entryway. However, Vakim gets knocked unconscious when he tried disarming one of the enemies. Following that, they happened across a closed and locked door. Jido slices into the controls and opens the doors. On the other side, in the waiting room, are 6 more Brutes. After killing 5 of the brutes, the last one got desperate and threatened to kill the CSF officer who came in to help the heroes. A gun pointed at his head. The heroes were left with no choice but to try to take out the gunman. Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough to prevent the gunman from killing the officer before he went down.

After the waiting room fight, the heroes notice that the airlock blast door was down. So they went to the control room. Inside, they notice in the corner of the room, a scared CSF officer who is clearly not used to this level of excitement in his life. He sighs in relief when he notices that the heroes aren't thugs there to threaten his life. The heroes can ask him for a sit-rep and he tells them that brutes had broken into the docking bay, but he was able to shut the blast doors in the nick of time stranding a dozen of them in the waiting area. The ones that got through to the hangar were able to take off with the shuttle, but the rest were pinned down by the CSF. The next thing he knew, the heroes barged in and saved the day. The heroes looked out the window and it was clear that no more enemies were present. The docking bay was secure.

Once the heroes leave the docking area, they run into the CSF officer who was giving orders earlier. He introduces himself as Lt. Trayl Caltos. With the fighting subsided, the hurt CSF officers are taken off to the local infirmary by medical droids. Lt. Caltos stays behind to speak to the heroes. After their conversation, the sergeants of Eagle Squad contact their CO and give him a sitrep. Finally, they decide to call it a night and head to the barracks in the Republic Military Base.


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